Wednesday, 16 April 2008

A new home in cyber space.

Rex and Vicki Foster welcome you to the new blogsite.

Hi folks, this is Peter here, I have just opened up a new blogsite for my darling daughter Vicki, this comes after several hours spent trying to resurrect her original site that her brother Marcus opened in 2006.

Any of her friends or readers of Holtieshouse will know that Vicki's health has been a concern for a couple of years now and a major concern for the past few weeks.

Fortunately Vicki is a very strong lady with a very positive attitude and she has a very good medical team working on her behalf now and we are all quietly confident that they will come up with the right course of treatment for her in the near future.

Before handing over the keys to her new cyber home I must take this opportunity to say thank you to all the many generous well wishers that have rallied around Vicki, Rex and family with their support and prayers, you are indeed a wonderful group of people that I am honoured to call my friends.


Peter said...

I'm hogging the space a bit here Vick so I can see that everything works before you take it over, get well soon Lady, we all want you back fit healthy and happy.

Merle said...

Dear Vicki ~~ Welcome back to the wonderful world of blogging. As you know so many of the friends we have made have been praying for your return to health, and now we are so happy that things are looking much better for you. It probably means
constant checking, but that at least
should keep you well. I am so very
glad for you Vick, and share in the joy and relief you are feelinf now.
Take care dear girl, Love, Merle.

audrey` said...

Dearest Vicki

Welcome to the blogging world.
It's filled with very lovely friends and rich blessings.

Take care =)

Dave said...

Vicki has a wonderful role model in you Peter, you have to know she's going to get through this fine! *S*

She's in my prayers and thoughts...

LZ Blogger said...

Vicki ~ Just hoping that all is going well with your health! ~ jb///

desert dirt diva said...

Just popped threw thru merle's blog, hope all is well have a great day,

Rina said...

Well written article.

Peter said...

Testing to ensure you get an email when a comment is left here.

Peter said...

another test for email notification

Merle said...

Dear Vicki ~~ I hope you are doing well. What a time you have had with the two cataract operations, apart from all the rest of treatment. I am
so happy that you seem to be msnsging
on your own, and so glad that means you are much better. Well done, I
know it hasn't been easy. Your Dad left here yesterday afternnon to go
to Yarrawonga and hopes to get to Warren's place before Easter, to avoid the Easter traffic. Look after yourself, Vick. Lots of Love
Merle. x x

Peter said...

I hope you are having/had a wonderful Easter and the party managed to cheer you both up.
You know that all my thoughts are with you both... stay well.

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